Classic BullyZ Statment on Covid-19

At Classic BullyZ, the health and well-being of our customers, warehouse, family and communities are our top priority. We understand the concern around the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. Like you, we are constantly monitoring the latest news, and we are following the advice from various government and health authorities on how best to protect our customers and our teams. We take our responsibility to our customers, family and accounts very seriously.
We wanted to share some immediate steps and precautions we have taken in our home-based business and all of our clothing supply manufacture locations(CA n NC Based) to ensure a safe, comfortable and clean environment.

In all of there locations. We have and will continue to take precautionary measures including rigorous regular cleaning. We have also implemented additional sanitizing procedures. we safely package and are currently shipping all our show leads and show chains with Sani Wipes to clean your hand made products and metals!

Stay Safe!!

-Forte Family

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