Classic BullyZ Co. L.L.C. is a proud partner of NATURAL DOG CO. has we strive to provide you & your dogs with nothing but quality products that we personally use everyday with our fur baby's. seeing people on Facebook and other forums lookin for the right answer to nose, skin, paw and allergy issues I try to reach out with what has worked best for me & my dogs. with vet trip to vet trip I found chicken allergies among other like grains to be issues for my bully's. in that we changed foods. but the healing part was most difficult. has i tried coconut oil and baths of all sorts i found the Natural Dog Co. to work best. Along side with always giving free advise one step I took was this product and we now carry it in our shop!

feel free to message me on Facebook anytime to order this great product or for more ideas on how to help and allergy , skin, or nose issues. 

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